Workout Program                       
$125 for 4 weeks; $300 for 12 weeks

 Your workout program will begin with an assessment of your goals, ability level and schedule.  Your trainer will then develop an exercise program designed especially for you.  Workouts will be 3-5 times per week, depending on your goals and schedule.

 All information and exercises with instructional videos will be available to you on your mobile device. 

Meal Plan                                     
$125 for 4 weeks; $300 for 12 weeks

 If you have your own workout plan, but need nutritional guidance for weight loss/gain or building muscle, sign up for our  meal plan.  We take your preferences into consideration and develop a comprehensive set of menus for the time period.

Combo Workout/Meal Plan         
$200 for 4 weeks; $450 for 12 weeks

 For the best bargain and results, sign up for the combo workout and meal plan.